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Jackie Lomax

Jackie Lomax was born in Wallasey on Merseyside in 1944 and grew up blessed with an earthy, soulful R&B voice, and great songwriting skills. He was a contemporary of The Beatles on the vibrant Liverpool scene of the early 1960s, first in Dee & the Dynamites, but principally as the distinctive face and voice of the R&B group, The Undertakers. Like The Beatles, The Undertakers cut their teeth in Hamburg, Germany, and in 1964, after signing to Pye Records, they scored a minor UK hit with ‘Just A Little Bit’.

Jackie was once managed by Brian Epstein, and he originally signed to Apple as a songwriter. His sole album for the label, Is This What You Want?, was produced by George Harrison and contains all original material save for Jackie’s powerhouse version of George’s ‘Sour Milk Sea’. Guest musicians include Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton. After Apple, Jackie joined the groups Heavy Jelly (one of three bands using that name) and Badger, as well as releasing solo albums on Warners and Capitol. Jackie lives in Ojai, California and continues to perform live and record.